Durability. Scalability. Profitability.

Litchfield Private Equity investments must be scalable, competitively durable and profitable.

Since January 2009, our Private Equity Group has invested in companies and technologies that meet the criteria above (i.e. durable, scalable and profitable). We focus on business fundamentals, probabilistic outcomes and risk scenarios in order to objectively balance product, market and revenue possibilities.

Prior to making a capital commitment, we look closely at the business fundamentals, the overall value proposition and the investment’s growth opportunities; we perform extensive business, legal and accounting due diligence, we then prepare and analyze a detailed five-year business plan.

Aligned interests and strong management commitments are paramount to our private equity success. Principals are required to make personal investments in each PE transaction. Additionally, senior management from each portfolio company receives incentive compensation, additional equity interests (generally in the form of stock options) and is also expected to make a direct investment into their company. We believe when management and investor interests are aligned, it is possible to build a successful platform that will result in benchmark achievement.

Our Private Equity Group establishes a close working relationship with each portfolio company, while respecting the division of responsibilities between investors and operating management. Portfolio company management is wholly responsible for achieving performance targets set forth by our team, but if needed, we provide portfolio companies with corporate finance and long-term strategic planning support.

Our current Portfolio companies are focused on product/technology development and manufacturing in
the following areas:
  • Advanced Materials
  • Material Chemistry
  • Polymers and membranes
  • Renewable energy

Our Portfolio Companies

NP Technologies

NP Technologies develops globally scalable clean technologies that provide profitable solutions for our planet’s most pressing energy problems.

The centerpiece of NP’s technology is the extremely versatile NP Wind Turbine. The turbine’s revolutionary design incorporates advanced material components that give the turbine unprecedented strength and manufacturing flexibility. The NP Turbine is lighter, stronger, safer, more compact, more efficient and more eco-friendly than all legacy turbines.

Dynatech Industries

Dynatech’s product development and production efforts have focused on the fundamental balance between innovation, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Dynatech’s proprietary technologies automate composite manufacturing. Our technologies produce superior, affordable, high-tech, advanced material products that are stronger, lighter, tougher and more eco-friendly than competing steel, aluminum, concrete and wood products. The Dyna-Helix advanced structural component is the nexus of Dynatech’s revolutionary technologies. Current product solutions are focused on the power generation, telecommunication, cellular, utility transmission/distribution, and renewable energy industries.


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