Proactive. Fundamental. Technical.

A focus on relevant business fundamentals, market movers and future trends.

Given the complexity of today’s global markets, we employ multiple strategies and use sophisticated financial products that reflect our views.

Investment Performance:

maher cap performance 2014

Through December 2014, we have produced a cumulative return of 4954%.

Note: These results are unaudited, represent cumulative returns across all private accounts managed on a quarterly basis and the Q4 2014 return was driven by an exceptionally performing and very volatile derivative position.  Q4 should not be interpreted as “normal” performance as the derivative position may normalize in Q1 2015, thus skewing performance back within our historic range.

Specific Strategies include:
  • Global macro
  • Relative value
  • Technical
  • Market neutral / momentum
  • Value / fundamental

Risk Management 

We believe aligned interests, is the key to managing risk.  This is why we have LH Principals invest alongside all of our stakeholders.

At a time when investors expect integrity as well as competence from their financial services providers, effective Risk Management is as much a competitive as a regulatory imperative. The Risk Management function within Litchfield Holdings engages directly with those involved in tactical and strategic decision-making. Our preparation and systems allow us to remain poised when unexpected market anomalies occur.

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