Jean Louis Reynaert, Senior Adviser

Jean Louis Reynaert, Senior Risk Adviser – Finance and Enterprise Risk Management

Jean Louis is a seasoned risk management professional with more than 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has developed a track record of successful risk management programs at leading global financial institutions. He has also conducted business re-engineering engagements for global investment bank trading rooms.

He has held various executive roles during the implementation of regulatory risk frameworks and is a recognized expert in the field of enterprise risk management. The risk dashboards he has developed have proven to be critical and beneficial tools in mitigating impacts during financial crisis.

In 2013, he led an international research team from the Institute of Technology of Shenzhen (China). The aim of the project was to explore arbitrage opportunities rising from low frequency and high impact events. Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and risk algorithms were applied in a robust computing environment enabling the group to capture large volumes of data that provided for pattern recognition and unique arbitrage opportunities.

He has MBA’s from Columbia University, London Business School and the University of Hong Kong, is a graduate of ICHEC Brussels Business School with a Masters in Economics and Applied Finance and a Bachelors in Computer Sciences.  He is based in Brussels and Hong Kong.  He is proficient in English, French, Dutch, and Mandarin.