Ben Maher, Chief Investment Officer

Ben Maher, Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Maher is a successful financier that is committed to producing value for stakeholders. His investment strategies include macro, fundamental, and technical.

His applied background includes 20 years of business, finance, management and entrepreneurial experience. He has managed money, lead organizations, directed divisions, and founded companies; and his extensive exposure to global financial centers and international markets has provided him with a keen understanding of their similarities and peculiarities.

His academic background includes Master’s degrees in Business from Columbia University and London Business School and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Methodist University. Both his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees have contributed greatly to his business, economic and capital market acumen.

In September of 2008, after many frustrating and unprofitable years with “professional” money managers, Mr. Maher began to manage his own capital. Other family members, shortly thereafter, began investing in his capital markets strategies. As of December, 2013, he has produced a cumulative return of 1353% and average annual returns of 257%.

In January of 2009, Litchfield Holdings took form. Ben opened a family office and expanded the firm’s focus to include private equity and venture capital opportunities.

Ben’s value is derived from his ability to see the macro investment opportunity, while aggregating the relevant details necessary to create profitable outcomes. He employs global macro, relative value, technical and hybrid strategies, and uses equity, bond, currency, commodity and derivative markets to accurately reflect his views. He believes that dynamic multi-strategy programs and sophisticated financial tools are critical for sustainable results given the turbulent and interconnected world in which we live. This strategic flexibility allows Ben to accurately structure his market view and hedge for risk.

Mr. Maher is driven by the fundamental belief that intelligent investments propel progress and improve lives.