Converting Opportunity to Value.

Positive prospects to prosperous outcomes.

Our Story – Capital Markets:

In September of 2008, after experiencing many frustrating and unprofitable years with “professional” money managers, Ben Maher began to manage his own capital. Thereafter other family members began to invest in his capital markets strategy. As of December 2013, Ben and his team have produced a cumulative capital market return of 1353%.

  • Our philosophy is simple. We eliminate irrelevant market noise, so that we can focus on fundamental market drivers.
  • Our commitment to our stakeholders is driven by the belief that profitable investments ensure progress and improve lives.

Our Story – Private Equity Group:

In January of 2009, Litchfield Holdings took form. We opened a family office and expanded our investment focus to include private equity and venture capital opportunities. We currently hold control positions in two companies, Dynatech Industries and NP Technologies; both firms have exceptional and disruptive technologies with deep product and market opportunities.

Our underwriting criteria is simple: we look for sustainable competitive advantage, scalability, beneficial macro and sector trends and large core market opportunities.

For more detailed information on our investment strategies please visit our Capital Markets Group and our Private Equity Group pages.

A team of entrepreneurs, executives, financiers, engineers, academics and global thinkers.

Talented executives and advisors provide Litchfield Holdings with a depth of experience and resources.